Pool of experts in cultural policies

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George, Helene (Australia)

Ms George is the founding director and a principal consultant of Creative Economy. She has over 20 years experience in management and consulting in cultural and creative industries development for government and private sectors. Her consultancy focuses on sustainable economic development in cultural and creative industries. Ms George has conducted extensive technical assistance in regional and national policy, cross-industry strategy, investment and programme development to stimulate economic development.

Notably, Ms George authored the first creative industries strategy in Australia in 2001 and has been at the forefront of industry development initiatives since 1992 advising the Prime Minister on Creativity in the Innovation Economy, developing national programmes, industry standards, regional development and plans and cultural tourism initiatives. Her consultancy is appointed to audit the National Tourism Quality Framework. Furthermore, she has a specific knowledge of economic development of cultural industries in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities of Australia and more recently the Pacific region and its island nations.

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