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Schargorodsky, Hector (Argentina)

Dr Schargorodsky is a civil servant and professor. For over 20 years he has worked for the Argentinian State in the cultural sector and within this framework, focused on the protection of national industries through the creation of sectoral consensus groups and the implementation of new standards.

Dr Schargorodsky has in-depth knowledge on the process of public intervention in the production and diffusion of live performances and in the functioning of major theatres. Moreover, for the past 10 years he has given courses in management and administration of cultural sector institutions in various Universities in Argentina and Chile, two countries where he has extensive professional experience, as in Uruguay and Spain.

Technical assistance mission undertaken

► Burkina Faso: Making art and culture education a reality
Hector assisted in the development of a strategy and action plan to make the integration of art and culture modules into school curricula a reality.

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