Pool of experts in cultural policies

© Soto Labbé

Soto Labbé, Paulina (Chile)

Ms Soto Labbé is a cultural researcher and international consultant. For 18 years, she has diagnosed, designed and evaluated projects, programmes and policies related to youth, cultural industries and heritage. She is an expert in cultural information systems and has played a role in recognition studies and projects such as the "Cultural Mapping of Chile", Employment in the cultural sector, satellite account for culture, cultural consumption, among others.

Since 2000, Ms Soto Labbé has worked as a consultant in the field of international cultural cooperation with CAB, OEI, OAS and AECI. She has been a teacher, workshop leader and speaker in many Latin American countries: Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Cuba, which has allowed her to build an overview on thematic priorities and key methodologies and approaches in research and intervention in the sector and the countries of the region.

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