Proceedings - Hangzhou International Congress

Cultural Approaches to addressing Poverty

From poor to emerging and developed contexts, the cultural sector encompassing cultural and creative industries, cultural tourism and culture-led urban revitalization, has demonstrated that it can effectively drive economic development and create jobs. The session will examine the state of the art in the area of culture-induced economic growth and cultural employment at the global level and future related avenues for sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the cultural sector.


Keynote Address 2A: Poverty alleviation: where does culture make a difference?

Case Study 1: Community Empowerment 

  • Tran Tuyet Lan, General Manager of CRAFT LINK

Case Study 2: Participation

Case Study 3: UNESCO Culture for Development Indicators Suite 

Panel discussion 2A
How does culture contribute to sustainable economic growth and jobs creation?

  • Gwang-Jo Kim  (Moderator), Director of UNESCO Bangkok, UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education


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