Proceedings - Hangzhou International Congress

Culture: A Driver and an Enabler of Social Cohesion

Promoting cultural diversity in national and international policies fosters social inclusion and equity. Culture-aware and culture-sensitive policies and activities are likely to yield equitable outcomes and inclusiveness. Culture-led projects have proven their effectiveness in addressing violence, especially among young people. How can we build on culture in shaping inclusive and equitable policies and actions?

Keynote address 2B: Achieving social inclusion and equity: how does culture make effective change?

Case study 1: Culture‐sensitive and context‐based policies in sustainable development

Case study 2: Empowerment of women and youth

Case study 3: Addressing urban violence through investment in culture

  • Martha C. Fajardo, CEO of Grupo Verde Ltd., Former President of the International Federation of Landscape Architecture (IFLA)
    Abstract & PPT Presentation - in English - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Case study 4: Arts education for development

Panel Discussion 2B
How does culture drive and enable social cohesion and inclusion?


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