Proceedings - Hangzhou International Congress

Public Private Partnerships in Culture Sector

The cultural sector offers a great and unexplored potential for partnerships. Partnerships in the area of culture can bridge the funding gap of public entities, provide interesting investment opportunities for the private sector, but require environmentally and socially sound approaches that respect and benefit local communities. Such partnerships require the development of national legal, institutional, policy and administrative enabling environments, and offer opportunities to develop capacities, transfer of knowledge and excellence, and foster entrepreneurship. In which ways can we create win-win innovative, sustainable and equitable partnerships between private and public actors?

Keynote address 3B
Partnering with the private sectorin achieving sustainable development

Case study 1: Various types of successful Public Private Partnerships in the area of culture

Case study 2: Opportunities for Technology transfer, capacity building, jobs, social and economic impact

  • Richard Hsu, China TEDx Ambassador 2013‐2014 and Lecturer at Tongji University, Shanghai on Multi‐Disciplinary Thinking, Brand Development and Urban‐Rural Bridging
    PPT Presentation - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 

Case study 3: Cultural philanthropy

Case study 4: Corporate Social Responsibility

Panel Discussion 3B
Creating win‐win situations: How can the Private Sector boost the Culture Sector and vice‐versa?


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