Proceedings - Hangzhou International Congress

The Contribution of Creativity to Sustainable Development

Creativity has been absent from the sustainable development agenda despite its importance in fostering entrepreneurship and resilience, building capabilities and improving well-being, developing the freedom of expression and dialogue, and providing substantial economic growth and jobs. Following the presentation of the UNESCO-UNDP Creative Economy Report Special Edition 2013 the panellists will discuss the impact of the creative sector at the local level, as well as entry points and arguments fostering the inclusion of creativity and the creative sector in the sustainable development debate.

Keynote Address 3A-b

  • Xiang Yong, Associate Professor, Vice‐Director of the School of Arts of Peking University, Vice‐Director of the Institute for Cultural Industries of Peking University
    PDF Presentation - in Chinese - 

Panel Discussion
3A‐b The Contribution of Creativity to Sustainable Development

  • Michael Paul van Graan (Moderator), Executive Director, African Arts Institute




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