The Cultural Diversity Lens


A practical tool to integrate culture in development

The Lens is based on the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and the UNESCO culture conventions. It was designed to create awareness of cultural dimensions in development programmes (including development projects, policies and strategies).




A general framework of analysis, five thematic areas

The Lens proposes an analytical framework with questions in five thematic areas (Context of the programme, Diversity of perspectives, Access and participation, Cultural heritage, Economics of culture and creativity), providing a step-by-step method for analyzing programmes in the light of cultural diversity. The Lens allows for the gradual identification of possible options for improving the programme under analysis while respecting and promoting cultural diversity.


A tool continually improved and adapted

Since its conception in 2005, the Lens has been continually improved and adapted to varied contexts and has inter alia enabled the improvement of 12 United Nations development Assistance Frameworks, 15 national cultural policies and over 80 development projects.

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