Toolbox for Cultural Policies


The UNESCO Toolbox for Cultural Policies gathers together instruments designed to strengthen the role of culture in all areas of public policy. It is intended for decision-makers, government representatives, and more generally all those who work on development issues.

The toolbox brings together key topics, analysis frameworks, concrete and didactic approaches and guides. It aims both to induce decision-makers to entrust culture with a formative role at the heart of development, and to improve practical proficiency in the formulation of strategy, policies and programmes.

The tools provided can be adapted to different contexts. Together, they form an ensemble which is regularly updated by UNESCO. 


The toolbox is composed of four sections:

Advocacy Tools supporting a strong commitment to cultural diversity, such as A New Cultural Policy Agenda for Development and Mutual Understanding.

Practical tools such as The Cultural Diversity Lens; this tool allows the analysis and consequent enhancement of development projects, strategies and programmes in the light of cultural diversity.


In-focus Creative Sector, notably the Policy Guide to develop cultural and creative Industries.



International Standards on Cultural Diversitysuch as the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity.

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