Accra (Ghana) 21-24 October 2013: Regional Conference on the Use of the GHA in African Institutions for Higher Education

Independence Arch in Accra (Ghana). (c) Martin H.

UNESCO is organizing a regional conference on the Use of the General History of Africa in Higher Education Institutions in Africa in Accra (Ghana) from 21 to 24 October 2013. The purpose of this conference is to discuss ways and means the General History of Africa can be promoted and its teaching harmonized in higher education institutions.

This conference will be preceded by a Workshop on the Revision of Concepts, Paradigms and Categorizations used in social sciences and applied to Africa.

The participants will also consider ways of improving the availability and the dissemination of the volumes of both the main edition and the abridged version of the collection. Some 100 participants, including vice-chancellors/presidents of universities, heads of academic programmes and history departments, deans of social and human sciences institutes, history teachers and history teacher trainers, from all over the continent, are expected to attend this meeting.

The Scientific Committee members will convene prior to and after the meeting to prepare the meeting and to review the outcomes and recommendations. They will also review the common pedagogical contents (curricula outlines, teacher’s guides, textbooks) developed by the drafting teams for use in African primary and secondary schools.

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Mr Ali Moussa Iye, Chief of the History and Memory for Dialogue Section: a.moussa-iye(at)

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