Enrique Nicanor (Spain)

© Enrique Nicanor

Enrique Nicanor is a director and producer of film and television. Born in Spain, his family emigrated to New York, then to Havana where eventually he studied fine arts, philosophy and art history. He began as Director of the Animation Department of the Cuban Institute of cinematographic art and industry. Nicanor moved to Paris in 1966. After the success in Europe for his achievements, he was invited by the Director General of Spanish television to return to Spain and produce the first national television animated series.

He was appointed Director of the second largest national channel, TVE2, producing the first collaborations between Latin America and Europe. This channel also initiated the first International Conference of public television, for which he was elected President in 1998.

Appointed European Commissioner for Spain for the creation of the Programme European MEDIA, he was co-founder and head of research for the EAVE programme for European vocational training. As creator of the "MacNicanor" Foundation for the development of audiovisual culture for international understanding, Nicanor is passionate about Rabindrânâth Tagore, who he has read since doing research on Juan Ramón Jiménez and Zenobia Camprubí, Tagore’s translator in Spanish. He has recently directed the film "Federico Garcia Lorca" which was co-produced and broadcast on Arte, "Mars on Earth" for the  Discovery Channel and is currently working, with Inner Eye (UK), on the production of the dance trilogy of Rabindrânâth Tagore as well as on the documentary "Tagore the poet painter".

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