Kofi Anyidoho (Ghana)


Born in 1947, Kofi Anyidoho is a Ghanaian poet and professor who comes from a family tradition of Ewe poets and oral artists. He was educated in Ghana and the U.S., gaining his Ph.D. at the University of Texas.  He is currently a literature professor at the University of Ghana at Legon, where he has also worked as Director of the African Institute on Humanities of the CODESRIA, and as interim Director of the School of Performing Arts and Head of the English Department. In March 2010, Anyidoho was installed as the 1st occupant of the Kwame Nkrumah Chair in African Studies, University of Ghana.

His publications six poetry collections and a bi-lingual children’s play in Ewe language and in English, as well as recordings of his poetry in Ewe on Cd and cassettes. His CD GhanaNya presents him as singer-poet, whose voice is in dialogue with voice of his deceased mother, herself poet and cantor of the Ewe oral tradition .He has published numerous academic essays on African literature and African diaspora culture and history, and has edited various important works on African literature. Anyidoho is the former president of the Association of African Literature (ALA) based in the United States and member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences of Ghana. His best known works include Elegy for the Revolution (1978), A Harvest of Our Dreams (1985), Earthchild (1985), and Ancestral Logic and Caribbean Blues (1992). A new collection, The Place We Call Home & Other Poems, has just been released in the UK with a companion double audio CD. For his work he has received such awards as the Valco Fund Literary Award, the Langston Hughes Prize, the BBC Arts and Africa Poetry Award, the Fania Kruger Fellowship for Poetry of Social Vision, Poet of the Year (Ghana), the Ghana Book Award, and the Poetry Grand for Ewe language in Togo. He has also done important work in the area of performance poetry, poetry dramatization and as the host and executive producer of Ghana Television’s African Heritage Series.

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