Costa Rica: launching of a collection of educational materials on the influence of Afro-descended in Central America

The UNESCO Office in San José (COSTA RICA) presented in August 14, 2009 the Collection "Del Olvido a la memoria, y afromestizos Africanos en la historia colonial de Centroamerica" (From oblivion to memory, Africans and Afro Americans in the colonial history of Central America).

Produced in collaboration with the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and the National Museum of the country, this collection includes a five volumes series of teaching materials that are part of an initiative of Central America countries to eliminate the ignorance about the influence of populations of African descent in the region.

Funded by UNESCO, this series of publications is part of The Slave Route Project and accompanies its new orientations with regard to geographical expansion to regions insufficiently covered on this topic and introduction of new themes.

Besides the dissemination of these materials, UNESCO is working actively towards their inclusion into curricula of Central America countries and organizes workshops which objectives are as follow:

  • Validate the content of brochures prepared by UNESCO on the African presence in Central America.
  • Provide teachers with suggestions and recommendations for working with students, promoting learning about African heritage in each country.
  • Obtain recommendations to implement the study of history, the presence and contribution of Africans in Central America in the educational programs of Ministries of Education respectively.

These publications are available online:


Source:UNESCO / San José


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