Breaking the Silence: The Transatlantic Slave Trade Education Project (TST)


The Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) comprises over 7.600 educational institutions in 175 countries. In 1998 the network launched the Transatlantic Slave Trade Education Project, Breaking the Silence, with the aim of improving the teaching of history by telling the whole story behind slavery and the slave trade. The Project seeks to promote intercultural dialogue between young people and fight stereotypes, discrimination and prejudices of all kinds.

Membership of the UNESCO ASP Network is open to educational institutions with prior approval from the national authorities and has been administered in over 40 countries in Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe. A similar initiative was launched in 2004 in the Indian Ocean region.

The website presents an overview of the Breaking the Silence programming since its 1998 inception. For example, visitors to the site will discover art activities for students which are highlighted in the online photo and art galleries.  Additionally, it integrates the online educational resource, "Breaking the Silence: Learning about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade." This comprehensive tool was created especially for educators to familiarise themselves with the era of enslavement and provides guidance on how to incorporate slavery history into their curriculum.

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