Collective Volume on Slave Trades, Slavery and Abolitions: multiple perspectives

Le Morne, Mauritius © UNESCO / F. Odendaal

As part of the preparation of the International Decade for People of African Descent, the members of the International Scientific Committee of the Slave Route: Resistance, Liberty, Heritage  decided to develop a collective volume on emerging issues on Slave Trade, Slavery and Abolitions.

The main objective of this volume is to report on the most critical debates that the study of slave trades and its sources of information still generate, as well as to report on issues that still require further research.

These articles offer a multidisciplinary approach to various dynamics underway in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia.

This volume presents contributions developed by high-level experts in the field of history, museology, education, heritage, living cultures etc. In addition, the various texts will also provide further information on similar themes. Readers will therefore be able to have a comprehensive overview of scientific knowledge related to human trafficking, systems of slavery and its abolition.

The 22 contributions will gradually be published online. One or more texts will be posted per month on the UNESCO website as well as the website of the project’s key partners. The paper version of the publication will be released once this process is over.


Three new articles available on line!

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