12.06.2013 - UNESCO Havana/Portal of Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean

5th Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase inaugurated in Havana

With the showing on 12 June of La felicidad de Elsa [Elsa’s Happiness] (Guadalupe, 2011), the 5th Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase will open its doors in Havana. In the present edition Cuban moviegoers will be able to see 22 films, including feature films, shorts, animated films and documentaries by outstanding filmmakers from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. The Showcase will last until 17 June, when the award-winning film Toussaint Louverture will be shown during the closing ceremony.

This year, together with the presentations included in its fifth edition, the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase will organize the Caribbean Film Forum and Market, an international event promoting greater visibility for films produced in the Caribbean, to be held at the Convention Centre in Havana, on 13-15 June. The meeting will be a unique opportunity for dialogue, knowledge and the exchange of ideas among filmmakers from the region, as well as film distribution, exhibition and programming professionals from all over the world. It will also provide a space to learn more about the Caribbean film industry in its broad cultural and linguistic spectrum.

The UNESCO Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean contributes since 2006 to the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase, an initiative of the Cuban Institute of Cinema Arts and Industry (ICAIC) and the Ministry of Culture of Cuba. Identified as one of the most efficient activities contributing to the implementation of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, the Showcase selects, through an open call to all the Caribbean Member States, materials in their native language to be later shown in all the countries in the region. The Exhibition is also one of the projects of the Action Plan of the Forum of Ministers of Culture and Officials in Charge of Cultural Policies of Latin America and the Caribbean.

More information:

Official Announcement Caribbean Film Forum and Market ESP ENG FRA

Programme of the 5th Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase in Havana (AVAILABLE ONLY IN SPANISH)

Agenda of the Caribbean Film Forum and Market (AVAILABLE ONLY IN SPANISH)

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