26.06.2019 - Culture Sector

A Session on Whiteflag Protocol in UNESCO Library

©Erik Kleijn

On 20th June 2019, UNESCO's Core Innovation Team organized a Library Session about the Whiteflag Protocol, an innovative way to share data and information in armed conflict and disasters, that is secured by means of blockchain technology. The Royal Netherlands Airforce and the Global IT-Consultancy company developed this session.

In disaster and conflict areas around the globe, collateral damage and loss of lives may occur due to lack of information. Whiteflag enables entities protected under international humanitarian law to make themselves known in real-time to prevent collateral damage and casualties. It allows different organizations (such as IGOs, NGOs, armed forces) to notify each other of their planned and ongoing activities, which may result in more effective aid and better military conflict control. This session “Whiteflag: Using Blockchain to Save Lives” was webcasted throughout the UNESCO headquarters and field offices.

For more information, please see: https://www.whiteflagprotocol.net/

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