04.11.2011 - Culture Sector

AFRICOM launches first-ever online elections

The UNESCO Museums Section is assisting the International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM) with the development and launching of the first-ever online elections for the AFRICOM Board of Directors, which are taking place from 4 to 30 November 2011

By using an electronic voting system offered by the Ballot Bin platform (www.ballotbin.com), AFRICOM and UNESCO have developed this solution to hold virtual elections so that AFRICOM members may vote for the new members of their Board.  All AFRICOM members will be sent an invitation by e-mail through the AFRICOM List-Serve to vote beginning on Friday 4 November. The Board of Directors is composed of Representatives of each region of Africa: North, West, Central, East, Southern and the Indian Ocean Islands.

“We are counting on all of our members to participate in these online elections and choose a strong team of leaders to help the AFRICOM network ensure a secure, rich and vibrant African Heritage,” said Dr Rudo Sithole, Executive Director of AFRICOM.

This collaboration is a result of the partnership agreement between UNESCO and AFRICOM, which aims to reinforce communications, awareness-raising and networking among professional museum community in Africa.

AFRICOM is a membership-based international NGO association for Museums, heritage professionals and stakeholders. It is committed to the safeguarding, conserving, and sharing of African Heritage through resource mobilization, advocacy, and support of capacity-building efforts, networking and awareness-raising so as to achieve a rich vibrant heritage in Africa.

For more information, please consult the AFRICOM web site: www.africom.museum

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