02.04.2009 -

Learning and Knowing in Indigenous Societies Today

To be launched on 2nd April during the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development - ESD

The book is organised into three sections.

- The first addresses the link between indigenous knowledge and indigenous language, and explores the opportunities this interconnection provides for understanding and countering declines in both.

- The second section examines how the loss of indigenous knowledge due to insensitive school programmes may be countered by integrating indigenous knowledge and languages into school curricula.

- The third section explores the need for the revitalisation of indigenous ways of learning, generally outside of a classroom environment, and how this may be practically viable in modern contexts.

UNESCO, 2009, Learning and Knowing in Indigenous Societies Today.

Edited by P. Bates, M. Chiba, S. Kube & D. Nakashima, UNESCO: Paris, 128 pp.

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