07.07.2014 - Culture Sector

Bahamas to host Caribbean Regional meeting on Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites and In Situ Access

15-17 July 2014

Following the recommendations of the 2013 Ministerial Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean regions, a Caribbean Regional meeting will be held in the Bahamas from 15-17 July 2014. Having previously acknowledged the importance of underwater cultural heritage to the region, this meeting will focus on the practical aspects of implementing the 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. 

Due to the location and strong maritime history of the Caribbean region, the sheer number of submerged cultural sites makes the full implementation of the 2001 Convention difficult for any state. It is therefore hoped that this meeting will provide a forum for experts to share and develop ideas and plans of actions so that cohesive and effective policies on underwater cultural heritage can be implemented across the region. Such effective implementation of the convention will serve not only to preserve the underwater cultural heritage of those states that have already ratified the convention, but also serve as a demonstration of the value of the convention to those states that have not yet ratified. 

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