06.05.2013 - culture sector

Beijing press briefing on Hangzhou international congress

A press briefing on the Hangzhou International Congress on Culture : Key to Sustainable Development was held in the Ministry of Education yesterday afternoon (8 May 2013) convened by the Secretary General of the NATCOM Mr Du Yue.

The Vice-mayor of Hangzhou, Mr. Zhang Jianting, and Mr.Zhao Haisheng Deputy Director-General of Bureau for External Cultural Relations from Ministry of Culture were  present.Mr. Singh attended the briefing on behalf of UNESCO. He gave an overall introduction of the background of  the Hangzhou Congress, highlighted the  global significance of the event, the important roles played by the national and city  hosts and the expected outcomes. Mr. Du Yue, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Zhao provided basic information  on the preparation of the  Congress, the programme, the participants and the cultural events. This was followed by  a brief Q&A session in which Mr. Singh and others  answered  questions relating to the impact of  China’s contributions in the field of  culture and the value added by the Congress . More than 30 journalists representing TV, Radio and the Press attended  the briefing. These included representatives of CCTV, China Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, People’s Daily, China Radio International (CRI) and China Cultural News. So far Xinhua News and China news.com have posted information from the media briefing on their websites. Others  news outlets in China  have circulated the news.

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