11.05.2011 -

Tribute to Aimé Césaire on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the SERMAC in Fort de France

Commemorating Aimé Césaire in Fort de France, 2011 © Ville de Fort de France

The city of Fort de France, paid tribute to Aimé Césaire, honouring his memory as a man of culture and political action, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of SERMAC (Service Municipal d’Action Culturelle) in Fort de France (Martinique – overseas department, France).

In the presence of a large audience, bringing together politicians, personalities, representatives of UNESCO and fans of the iconic poet, the remembrance night, which took place on April 17, 2011, aimed at "raising awareness through arts."

Through artistic performance involving music, sculpture and dance, supported by pyrotechnics, the audience was invited to a worldwide voyage to India with an Indian dance workshop and to Europe with masterfully interpretations of Verdi, Rossini and Mozart, played by a duet Ali and Stephanie Balthazard Lachaise.

The poet's work has also been revisited through readings and theatrical adaptations of the Césaire’s original works « Cahier d’un retour au pays natal » or “Moi, laminaire”.

Following this Evening Tribute, workshops have been organized in order to consider and examine the different forms of cooperation between Fort de France and UNESCO, within the framework of the programme "Rabindranath Tagore, Pablo Neruda, Aimé Césaire for a reconciled universal".

More information:

Visit the SERMAC Website (french website)
Photo Gallery of the commemoration on the SERMAC website (french website)

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