11.05.2011 -

Universities mobilization around the study of humanist thinkers

In the framework of the innovative program "Rabindranath Tagore, Pablo Neruda, Aimé Césaire for a reconciled universal”, UNESCO aims to launch a new dynamic for reflection and action on a " reconciled universal ", based on Rabindranath Tagore, Pablo Neruda and Aimé Césaire’s legacy as men of knowledge and action.

This programme invites to redefine and discover a new humanism, inspired by thinkers from the past.

Indeed, it is the everlasting and precious heritage left by these three authors and by all the great humanist thinkers from the past and present that UNESCO invites to discover, explore and transcend through the study of five convergent topics that make the author's messages echo one another:

The transversality and the interdisciplinary issues set up throughout these five topics, either for research purposes or the implementation of arts and culture curriculum, have raised growing interest in several prestigious universities.

Stanford University in Palo Alto (California USA) recently held a lecture on these authors, involving various departments in the School of Humanities and Sciences as the Ibero-American Studies and Comparative Literature Studies, to discuss the fields of thought opened up by the cross combination of the three authors.

This interest also expressed by the Universities of Ottawa (Canada), Charlotte (USA), Cork (Ireland), Visva-Bharati (India), Kwara (Nigeria) and many others, provides new fields of activities regarding the interactions between Culture and Development while offering new propositions for a renewed Humanism.

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