Workshop against Illicit Trafficking of Syrian Cultural Property

Workshop poster © UNESCO/Prof. Abdulkarim

To further raise awareness of the Syrian people to the need to protect their cultural heritage, a two-day workshop focused on the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property in Syria, was held at the National Museum in Damascus on 12 and 13 May 2013.

This workshop, entitled ‘National Workshop on the Fight against Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property’ was organized in the wake of a meeting hosted by UNESCO on the strategy to fight the illicit trafficking of cultural property, held in Amman, Jordan, 10-13 February 2013.

Workshop © UNESCO/Prof. Abdulkarim

The agenda for the ‘National Workshop on the Fight against Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property’ was to:

  • elaborate on the topic of illegally smuggled artefacts, and their historical and cultural significance to the country;
  • discuss the legal aspects and local and international regulations associated with the main goal of the workshop, as well as their effectiveness in light of the latest international developments;
  • highlight the role of the state in promoting intellectual awareness among all segments of the society concerning antiquities and national heritage.

A broad range of actors were present including national authorities, as well as members of INTERPOL National Liaison Office in Damascus and local community organizations. Scholars, artists and local citizens were also invited to participate.

Link: llicit Trafficking of Cultural Property in Syria

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