Reference Books

  • Protecting Cultural Objects: Before and After 1970, P.J. O'Keefe, 2017. Available in English. More
Commentary article by article of the UNESCO1970 Convention, P.J. O'Keefe, 2014
  • Commentary article by article of the UNESCO 1970 Convention, P.J. O'Keefe, 2014. Available in English and in French. More
  • Witnesses to History - Documents and writings on the return of cultural objects, L.V. Prott, UNESCO, 2009. Available in English, French, Arabic and Chinese. More

Manuals and Information Kits

  • The Fight Against the Illicit of Cultural Objects and the 1970 Conventions: Past and Future; Information Kit (PDF); (Updated August 2019).
    | FR
  • Legal and Practical Measures Against Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property, UNESCO Handbook, 2006
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The video material developed by the Secretariat of the 1970 Convention is made available to the national authorities, organizations partnering UNESCO and all people who wish to disseminate the actions taken by UNESCO in the protection of cultural property, notably via social media platforms.

More than 180 trafficked objects discovered in Buenos Aires by the Argentine Federal Police

“More   than   180   trafficked   objects discovered    in    Buenos    Aires    by    the Argentine  Federal  Police”was  produced on   October   2018   with   the   message “together  against  illicit  trafficking”.  This story   deals   with   illicit   trafficked   goods recovered   in   Argentina   thanks   to   the international    efforts    and    cooperation. These    cultural    goods    have    travelled across several continents before reaching Argentina.

Have you ever heard of "blood antiquities"?

UNESCO supports training to counter antiquities trafficking in the Mashreq, understand why and how by watching this #Unite4Heritage STORIES.

Have you ever heard of Operation Gemini?

This #Unite4Heritage story involves INTERPOL HQ, Polizia di Stato, the Carabinieri, The National Police of Ukraine, Moldovan Police forces and the population of Verona in Italy!

The fight against illicit trafficking of cultural goods continues !

“The  fight  against  illicit  trafficking  of  cultural  goods  continues!”was  produced  in March 2018 with a main message “Say no to illicit trafficking of cultural property”. The video tells the story of a painting from Hilaire Germain Edgar de Gas found by French Customs in the luggage compartment of a bus near Paris, which was stolen in 2009 at  the  Cantini  Museum  in  Marseille.  The  artwork  was  returned  to  the  French authorities.

Eight artefacts seized by the French customs has been restituted to Egypt!

On 26 October, France has restituted to Egypt eight archaeological pieces seized by the French customs in January 2010.