Latest Publications

Commentary article by article of the UNESCO1970 Convention, P.J. O'Keefe, 2014
  • Commentary article by article of the UNESCO 1970 Convention, P.J. O'Keefe, 2014. Available in English and in French. More
  • Culture & Development - Stop the Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property (PDF) - published by UNESCO Office in Havana, in December 2013.
    Available in English and Spanish. More

Reference Books

  • Witnesses to History - Documents and writings on the return of cultural objects, L.V. Prott, UNESCO, 2009. Available in English, French, Arabic and Chinese. More

Manuals and Information Kits

  • Legal and Practical Measures Against Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property, UNESCO Handbook, 2006
    | FR | ES | AR | RU | CH
  • The Fight Against the Illicit of Cultural Objects and the 1970 Conventions: Past and Future; Information Kit (PDF); (Updated March 2018).
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The video material developed by the Secretariat of the 1970 Convention is made available to the national authorities, organizations partnering UNESCO and all people who wish to disseminate the actions taken by UNESCO in the protection of cultural property, notably via social media platforms.

Youth & the dangers of Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property

The “No to Illicit Traffic in Antiquities” (Youth & the dangers of Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property) is a project initiated by the Culture unit at UNESCO Beirut in partnership with Biladi Association, and in collaboration with the Ministries of Culture and Education, that aims at combating illicit trafficking in cultural property through heritage-focused educational programs and school field trips.

End trafficking, save culture

Conflict situations and natural disasters increase the risk of theft and trafficking dramatically. Many instances of plunder, theft and trafficking of cultural objects go unseen or unsolved. Help stop illicit trafficking of cultural property by spreading the video. For more info visit:
This video was produced by the UNESCO Beirut Office in the framework of the Emergency Safeguarding of the Syrian Cultural Heritage project, funded by the European Union and supported by the Flemish Government and the Government of Austria.

Do not let our cultural heritage to be stolen. ¡Say NO to illicit trafficking of cultural property!

Central America is a very rich region in heritage, but badly damaged by theft, looting and the illicit traffic in cultural property. Numerous archaeological artefacts are looted and stolen, but it happens also happens in churches, museums and underwater heritage. In this clip, UNESCO aims to raise awareness on the current situation in Central America and the Dominican Republic and raise awareness that the protection of our heritage corresponds to all.

Palmira en Villa Ocampo: Stop tràfico

The UNESCO office for South America has produced this awareness raising initiative with regards to prevention of illicit trafficking of cultural property. This video not only caters to warn tourists about the issue of purchasing cultural objects without verification but also contains a few short clips of officials showcasing their commitment to preserve the world heritage.

Protection of Cultural Property in Iraq

The UNESCO Iraq Office produced 3 television spots, in Arabic and just under a minute each in length, were broadcasted in 2012 on a number of Iraqi television channels to raise awareness on the dangers of illicit trafficking of Iraqi cultural property, targeted specifically at the local Iraqi population. More

Help Save the Cultural Heritage of Syria

This video clip was produced by the UNESCO Amman Office to raise awareness on Syria's rich and historical cultural heritage, and the importance to protect it during the conflict. More