Capacity-building and workshops

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On a regular basis, UNESCO organizes regional or national information and promotion seminars, aimed at a better understanding of the concepts, measures and mechanisms of its normative instruments. Training activities are comprised of three elements:

The Secretariat provides a number of Legal and practical instruments answering specific questions regarding the illicit trafficking of cultural property.

Main objectives

  • To develop capacities regarding the prevention and fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property as well as the restitution of stolen or illegally exported objects;
  • To establish preventive measures for inventories of cultural objects (whether archaeological or not);
  • To raise awareness on the need to adopt an effective national legislation and to develop international cooperation in this area;
  • To develop networks at local, national and regional levels to ensure general awareness of the dramatic consequences of trafficking of cultural property on the impoverishment of the population.


  • Experts in the field of culture (museum managers and/or curators, archeologists, etc.),
  • Custom officials,
  • Police units,
  • Government officials (ministries of culture, tourism, interior and foreign affairs, etc.).
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