Syrian heritage: strategy to fight the illicit trafficking of cultural property

Mosaic: several figures at a table, stolen in Hama, Syria, November 2011, 2012/307779-1.7 ©INTERPOL

Amman, Jordan, 10-13 February 2013


Since the beginning of the armed conflict in Syria, UNESCO raised its concerns on the situation of the cultural heritage in the country and the risk of illicit trafficking of cultural property.

Objectives, participants and partners

UNESCO, with the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, and in cooperation with its international partners, organized an emergency regional training workshop to raise awareness on the protection of the movable cultural heritage in Syria.

This meeting brought together international cultural heritage experts, as well as representatives from Syria and neighbouring countries (Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Turkey) to discuss and develop an emergency strategy to address the issue of illicit trafficking of Syrian cultural property.

Representatives of FEDPOL, ICA, ICCROM, ICOM, ICOMOS, IFLA, INTERPOL, UNIDROIT, WCO-RILO as well as specialized police (Carabinieri and OCBC) and international auction houses (Christies and Sotheby’s) participated in the workshop.

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