UNESCO workshop on the Protection of cultural heritage through the application of international conventions and their tools

Amman, Jordan, 18-20 June 2007

This legal and practical workshop was inscribed in a common action plan for the UNESCO Office for Iraq, the Office in Lebanon and UNESCO Headquarters (through the Section of Museums and Cultural Objects). It was aimed at strengthening the reconstitution of Iraq’s cultural heritage after the pillage and destruction that started in 2003. Experts from UNIDROIT, INTERPOL, ICOM and World Customs Organization participated in the training. It included training on making inventories and cataloguing, as well as legal measures.

This seminar built upon the previous workshop prepared in 2005 for Iraq and other countries and territories of the Arab Region (Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories and Syria). The former workshop aimed at analysing the ratification and implementation status of the UNESCO and the UNIDROIT Conventions. It also allowed INTERPOL, ICOM and the WCO to provide specific and targeted information concerning the fight against illicit traffic of cultural property and to organize a practical workshop to teach the participants how to use Object ID norms and the making of consolidated inventories.

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