UNESCO Statements

Director-General calls for vigilance

August 2014 – After receiving a letter from H.E. Ambassador Mahmood Al-Mullakhalaf, Permanent Delegate of the Republic of Iraq to UNESCO, calling on “…all nations of the world to stand with Iraq…” in protecting its cultural heritage, the UNESCO Director-General sent letters to all States Parties and non-States Parties to the 1970 Convention, as well as to major museums and auction houses worldwide, in order to forward the Ambassador’s call while the country’s heritage is facing increased risks of looting. More

United Nations Resolution

  • 22 May 2003 - Further to the measures taken by the United States and in application of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1483, the UNESCO Secretariat again reminded all its Member States of the necessity to fight against illicit trafficking and looting of Iraqi cultural property.

Meetings at UNESCO

Heritage and Cultural Diversity at Risk in Iraq and Syria

High-level meeting at UNESCO Headquarters on 3 December 2014

UNESCO is organizing an International Conference on the protection of cultural heritage and the respect of cultural diversity in Iraq and Syria. The goal of the Conference is to sensitize decision-makers, humanitarian aid workers as well as those in the world of culture on the critical role of culture within conflicts as well as on the need to better integrate the cultural dimension into security, conflict resolution, humanitarian aid and development policies. More

Executive Board 195th Session

October 2014 - 195th Session of the Executive Board

Consultation Meeting July 2014

A consultation meeting was held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 17 July to develop an Emergency Response Action Plan to safeguard Iraq’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Roundtable on Iraqi Archaeological Heritage

17 October 2012 - UNESCO Headquarters - Paris, France

The sculpture was stolen in Baghdad in April 2003, INTERPOL ref. n° 2003/22019-1.4 © INTERPOL