Legal and practical instruments

Detail of pillaged Temple, Cambodia © UNESCO/ C. Jacques

Further practical tools and ethical instruments have been developed by UNESCO to contribute to the fight against illicit traffic:

Information Kit on the 1970 Conventions and the fight against the illicit of cultural objects; (Updated May 2019)

Legal and Practical Measures Against Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property, UNESCO Handbook, 2006
EN | FR | ES | AR | RU | CH

Rules of Procedure for Mediation and Conciliation
EN | FR | ES

Model Provisions on State Ownership of Undiscovered Cultural Objects
EN | FR | ES

Traffic on the Internet

  • Basic Actions concerning Cultural Objects being offered for sale over the Internet (INTERPOL-UNESCO-ICOM):
    EN | FR | ES | RU | AR | CH

The inventory of cultural properties 

Exportation certificate

  • Model Export Certificate for Cultural Objects (UNESCO-WCO) EN | FR | ES | RU | AR | CH

Code of Ethics

Objects in danger

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