Second Meeting of States Parties to the 1970 Convention

UNESCO Headquarters, Room II, Paris, France, 20-21 June 2012

The Meeting was tasked with examining in depth the impact of measures taken by States Parties to the Convention in order to optimize its implementation, appraise its effectiveness with particular regard to new trends in trafficking in cultural property, and formulate strategies geared primarily to improve its application. The States Parties and non-parties were supported in their consideration by the leading international experts in the relevant fields.

During this meeting the States Parties, inter alia, adopted Rules of Procedure whereby they established that the Meeting of States Parties shall be convened every two years. These Rules of Procedure also define the arrangements for the election of a Subsidiary Committee of 18 members (Article 14.4) which shall be convened by the Secretariat every year (Article 14.2). In addition, the Rules of Procedure specify the functions that shall be performed by the subsidiary committee once it has been elected, including, in particular, the preparation of guidelines contributing to the implementation of the Convention (Article 14.6).

  • Rules of Procedure: EN | FR 

Chairperson, Vice-Chairs and Rapporteur

  • Chairperson: H.E. Mr D. Carlos de Icaza (Mexico)
  • Vice-Chairs: Cambodia, Egypt, Greece, Senegal
  • Rapporteur: Ms Henrietta Galambos (Hungary)

Oral Report

  • Oral Report of the Rapporteur: EN | FR

Final documents

  • Resolutions (C70/12/2.MSP/Resolutions): EN | FR
  • Final Report (C70/12/2.MSP/Report): EN | FR

Working documents

  • Election of the Bureau (C70/12/2.MSP/1): EN | FR
  • Provisional agenda (C70/12/2.MSP/2): EN | FR
  • Draft rules of procedure (C70/12/2.MSP/3): EN | FR | SPRU | AR | CH
  • Final list of observers (C70/12/2.MSP/4): EN | FR
  • Report of the Secretariat (C70/12/2.MSP/5): EN | FR | SPRU | ARCH
  • Proposals concerning the follow-up on the implementation of the Convention (C70/12/2.MSP/6): EN | FR | SPRU | AR | CH

Information documents

  • Provisional calendar (C70/12/2.MSP/INF.1): EN | FR
  • Proposals for strategies to improve the implementation of the 1970 Convention (C70/12/2.MSP/INF. 2) : EN | FR | SPRU | AR | CH
  • List of available documents (C70/12/2.MSP/INF.4): EN/FR
  • Documents transmitted by the Permanent Delegation of Peru to UNESCO (doc.1 EN | FR, doc.2 EN | FR, doc.3 EN | FR, doc.4 EN | FR, doc.5 EN | FR)

Expert writings

  • L.V. Prott, Strengths and Weaknesses of the 1970 Convention: An Evaluation 40 years after its adoption, 2nd edition EN | FR | ES
  • L.V. Prott, Protection of archaeological objects under the 1970 UNESCO Convention EN | FR | ES
  • C. Bákula: Combating trafficking in cultural property - The 1970 Convention: Evaluation and prospects EN | FR | ES
  • M. Cornu: Implementation of the 1970 UNESCO Convention in Europe EN | FR
  • K. Farmer: Implementing the 1970 Convention: The Caribbean in Review EN | FR
  • R. Fraoua: Legislative and institutional measures to combat trafficking in cultural property in Arab States EN | FR
  • P. Gerstenblith: Expert Report for participants in the Second Meeting of States Parties to the 1970 Convention EN | FR | ES
  • K.-G. Lee: An overview of the implementation of the 1970 Convention in Asia EN | FR
  • F. Shyllon: Implementation of the 1970 UNESCO Convention by African Sates: the failure to grasp the nettle EN | FR


  • All Member States and Associate Members of UNESCO not party to the 1970 Convention referred to in paragraphs 7 and 8 of Document 187 EX/43;
  • The organizations of the United Nations system referred to in paragraphs 9-11(a) of Document 187 EX/43;
  • The intergovernmental organizations referred to in paragraph 11(b) of  Document 187 EX/43;
  • The international non-governmental organizations referred to in paragraph 11(c) of Document 187 EX/43;
  • The supplementary categories referred to in the annex to document 189 EX/18 Part III (Add. and Corr.), which may be proposed by States Parties until 15 May 2012.
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