Extraordinary Meeting of States Parties to the 1970 Convention

This meeting took place on 1st July 2013, at UNESCO Headquarters

Given that it is urgent for UNESCO and its Member States to pursue the discussions on a better implementation of this treaty, the preparation and submission of recommendations and operational guidelines has become a priority for many States Parties.

Consequently, the Director-General proposed during the 190th session of the Executive Board to convene an Extraordinary Meeting of States Parties in 2013 – or one year before the time frame specified in the Rules of Procedure.  The main mandate of this meeting was to elect the 18 members of the Subsidiary  Committee, to enable the latter to meet from 2013 (2-3 July).

Rules of Procedure

The Rules of Procedure of the Meeting of States Parties have been adopted during the Second Meeting of States Parties in June 2012.


  • Chairperson: Ms Flora Van Regteren Altena (the Netherlands)
  • Vice-Chairs: Bulgaria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Honduras and Iraq
  • Rapporteur: Ms Humaira Zia Mufti (Pakistan)

Introductory Speech

  • Mr Francesco Bandarin, Assistant Director-General for Culture EN 

Final documents

  • Resolutions adopted by the Extraordinary Meeting of States Parties EN | FR | SP | RU | AR | CH
  • Final Report (C70/13/EXTRA.MSP/Rapport): EN | FR

Working documents

  • Election of the Bureau (C70/13/EXTRA.MSP/1):  EN | FR | SP | RU | ARCH  
  • Provisional agenda (C70/13/EXTRA.MSP/2/REV): EN | FR | SP | RU | AR | CH
  • Election of the 18 Members of the Subsidiary Committee (C70/13/EXTRA.MSP/3): ENFR | SPRU | AR | CH

Information documents

  • List of participants (C70/13/EXTRA.MSP/INF.1): EN/FR
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