Exhibition “Memory Regained: Treasures recovered by the Carabinieri"

Cinerary urn with the representation of the myth of Oenomaus, III-II century B.C., travertine marble © Civita

Presidential Palace “the Quirinale”

Rome, 23 January - 16 March 2014

The Italian Carabinieri Department for the protection of cultural heritage, which plays an important role in the fight against the smuggling of antiquities and the trafficking of cultural objects, displays in Rome a series of recovered stolen objects – from Etruscan funerary urns to Renaissance paintings.

More than one hundred works of art are being shown in the “Quirinale”, the presidential palace in Rome in a unique exhibition entitled "Memory Regained: Treasures recovered by the Carabinieri" also intended to show the work of a police specialized department that is well known around the world. It is promoted by the Presidency of the Italian Republic in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism.

Among the objects exhibited, there is an entire Etruscan mausoleum found by builders in a construction site near Perugia (central Italy), including 23 well preserved urns with scenes from Greek mythology. Experts consider the mausoleum to be one of the most extraordinary discoveries of recent years in Etruscan art.

During the opening ceremony, the adviser to the Italian presidency on conservation said: “the recovery of the works showed the police's competence, enthusiasm and professionalism, but also how cultural heritage is extremely fragile”.

In 2012, a similar exhibition took place in Paris, UNESCO Headquarters. In that occasion some important stolen and recovered works of art were exhibited for visitors. The aim was to show the results and efficacy of the wide-angle work carried out by a national specialized police department together with other foreign Police or Judicial Authorities in the framework of the 1970 UNESCO Convention.

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