"Expert Meeting on Illicit trafficking of cultural goods - Investigations and criminal proceedings in cross-border cases"

13 June 2014, Hague University, the Netherlands (invitation only event)

The Expert Meeting was held to strengthen the judicial dimension of the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property, with special attention given to four main areas:

  • adopting a multidisciplinary approach during the investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of judicial decisions related to illicit trafficking of cultural property
  • identifying and correctly applying international and European instruments of judicial cooperation in criminal matters, paying special attention to the rules governing the exchange of information, the gathering and admissibility of evidence, and the confiscation and recovery of criminal assets and cultural property
  • the relevance of being aware of new modus operandi and trends of criminal networks threatening cultural heritage in order to anticipate future risks and take preventative actions
  • the threat of cultural property in the Middle Eastern and the Latin America regions.

This event brought together a small pool of experts in the field from various international and European institutions with relevant competencies in the fight against illicit trafficking.

The event was organized by the Spanish Prosecution Unit for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Hague University's Academy for Public Management, Law, and Security as well as EuroJust and thanks to the support and co-financing of the European Commission.

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