Training the European judiciary and law enforcement officials on the fight against the illicit trafficking in cultural property

Within the framework of its cooperation with the European Union, UNESCO has been developing, since April 2018, an innovative initiative aimed at training European judiciary and law enforcement on the fight against illicit trafficking in cultural property.

In November 2018, a three-day seminar gathered for the first time, at UNESCO Headquarters, 58 judicial, police and customs representatives from 31 European countries. The representatives had the opportunity to benefit from the contributions of international experts on various topics such as the economic and security consequences of illicit trafficking of cultural property, the international and European legal framework in this field, investigation and cooperation techniques, etc. All participants were able to exchange views with each other and create professional networks.

This seminar was also the occasion to launch the Toolkit for European judicial and law enforcement authorities to combat illicit trafficking of cultural property. Conceived as a self-training tool, this toolkit has been designed to strengthen the capacities of these professionals through practical exercises and the knowledge of the international and European legal framework.

As part of the project, the Secretariat of the 1970 Convention also developed the first e-learning platform, specifically dedicated to judicial, customs and police professionals comprised of two complementary tools :

  • A detailed training explaining the functioning of this type of organized crime and providing key concepts, investigative techniques and existing legal instruments to combat it
  • A platform for exchanging good practices, meeting other European colleagues and sharing the latest news.

To register, click here (please note that your request will be reviewed by the Secretariat before approval).

Access to the Toolkit in English

Access to the seminar program

See more about latest developments in EU - UNESCO cooperation in the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property on the website of our Liaison Office in Brussels

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