Intergovernmental Organizations

UNESCO works closely with intergovernmental organizations that are also mandated to protect cultural property and fight against their illicit trafficking.

The International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) is an independent organization. Its purpose is to identify needs and study methods to modernise, harmonise and coordinate private and, in particular, commercial law between States and groups of States, and to formulate uniform law instruments, principles and rules to achieve those objectives.

INTERPOL, specifically its Works of Art Unit, provides tools to facilitate the global exchange of information on crimes involving works of art, the details of the artworks and the criminals involved. It serves as a central repository, providing analysis to identify emerging trends in art thefts such as the use of the Internet for selling works of dubious background.

The World Customs Organization is focused exclusively on customs related matters. Recognised as the voice of the global customs community due to its worldwide membership, it works on the development of global standards, the simplification and harmonization of procedures, trade supply chain security, and the enhancement of enforcement and compliance activities.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is a United Nations agency that was established in 1997 as the Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention by combining the United Nations International Drug Control Program (UNDCP) and the Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Division.

The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property is dedicated to the conservation of cultural heritage. It serves the international community, and represents 129 Member States.

The Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) came into existence as a unique and promising model of multilateral political and economic initiative aiming at fostering interaction and harmony among its members, as well as to ensure peace, stability and prosperity, encouraging friendly and good-neighborly relations in the Black Sea region.

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