Restitution of the Mask of Gorgon from Tunisia to Algeria

Mask of Gorgon © Algerian Ministry of Culture

On 13 April 2014, the Algerian and Tunisian authorities signed an agreement for the restitution to Algeria of the Mask of Gorgon. This rare archaeological object made from 320 kilograms of marble which was stolen from the site of Hippo Regius, Annaba (in Algeria) in 1996 and recovered in Tunisia.

Press releases (in French and Arabic)

Mask of Gorgon signing ceremony © Algerian Ministry of Culture

During the restitution ceremony, the archaeological object was exhibited in the  Carthage National Museum. On 13 April 2014 the mask was returned to Algeria and can currently be found in the National Museum of Antiquities in Algiers.

Press release by the Algerian Ministry of Culture (in French and Arabic): « Discours de la Ministre de la Culture lors de la présentation du masque de la Gorgone à Alger » 15 avril 2014

Press review selection (in French)

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