Second session of the Subsidiary Committee (2.SC)

Pursuant to Decision No9. of the Subsidiary Committee during its first session, the second session of the Committee was held on 30 June to 2 July 2014 at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France:


List of the 18 Members of the Committee


  • Chairperson: Mr Mauricio Escanero (Mexico)
  • Vice-Chairs: Bulgaria, China, Egypt and Nigeria
  • Rapporteur: Ms Artemis Papathanassiou (Greece)

Oral Report

  • Oral report by the Rapporteur: EN

Final documents

  • Decisions (C70/14/2.SC/Decisions): EN | FR
  • Final Report (C70/14/2.SC/Report): EN | FR
  • Draft Operational Guidelines as approved by 2.SC (C70/14/2.SC/5/Rev.): EN | FR

Working documents

  • Agenda (C70/14/2.SC/1/Rev.): EN | FR
  • Summary records of the first session of the Subsidiary Committee (C70/14/2.SC/2): EN | FR
  • Report by the Secretariat on its activities (2012-2014) (C70/14/2.SC/3): ENFR
  • Report on the evaluation by the Internal Oversight Service (C70/14/2.SC/4): EN | FR
  • Consideration of the draft Operational Guidelines for the implementation of the 1970 Convention (C70/14/2.SC/5): EN | FR
  • Consideration of the Functions of the Subsidiary Committee (drafted by the Chairperson): EN | FR
  • Consideration of the possibility to create a Fund for the 1970 Convention (C70/14/2.SC/6) : EN | FR

Information documents

  • Timetable (C70/14/2.SC/INF.1/Rev.): EN | FR
  • List of participants (C70/14/2.SC/INF.2): EN/FR

Other documents

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