Fourth Session of the Subsidiary Committee (4.SC)

Pursuant to Decision 3 SC 10 of the Subsidiary Committee during its third session, the fourth session of the Subsidiary Committee was held in Room II, UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 26 to 28 September 2016


List of the 18 Members of the Committee


  • Chairperson: Ms María Vlazaki (Greece)
  • Vice-Chairpersons: India, Iraq, Nigeria and Poland
  • Rapporteur: Mr Névil Montenegro (Ecuador)

Oral Report

  • Oral Report of the Rapporteur: EN | FR 

Final documents

  • Summary Records (C70/16/4.SC/Report): EN | FR 
  • Decisions (C70/16/4.SC/Decisions): EN | FR

Working documents

  • Provisional Agenda (C70/16/4.SC/2/Rev3): EN | FR
  • Report of the Secretariat on its activities (C70/16/4.SC/6): EN | FR
  • Amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Subsidiary Committee (C70/16/4.SC/9/Rev): EN | FR
  • Illegal Online Sales of Cultural Objects (C70/16/4.SC/10): EN | FR
  • Follow-up to the Recommendations of the External Auditor's "Report on the governance of UNESCO and dependent funds, programmes and entities" (C70/16/4.SC/11): EN | FR
  • Strengthening preventive measures to protect documentary heritage (C70/16/4.SC/12): EN | FR
  • Periodic reporting for the implementation of the 1970 Convention (C70/16/4.SC/14/Rev): EN | FR
  • Standard Action Plan for return and restitution of cultural objects illegally on sale on the market (C70/16/4.SC/15): EN | FR

Information documents

  • Provisional Timetable (C70/16/4.SC/INF.2A/Rev3): EN | FR
  • Provisional List of Documents (C70/16/4.SC/INF.2B/Rev4): EN | FR
  • Summary of the round-table meeting with representatives from the art market (C70/16/4.SC/INF.7): EN | FR

Other documents

  • Final Report on the Third Session of the Subsidiary Committee: EN | FR


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