Awareness-raising videos

A key component of UNESCO’s awareness-raising campaign against the trafficking of cultural property is through the production of short documentaries and video-clips addressed to the general public as well as cultural heritage and the art market professionals.

Please note, the videos below are accessible free of charge and can be downloaded for educational and training purposes. For more information, contact  Ms Maria José Miñana from the UNESCO Secretariat.

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Campaign: Heritage is Identity. Don't steal it!

A series of awareness-raising video clips primarily targeted at tourists visiting different regions of the world. The objective of the campaign is to warn tourists when they purchase cultural objects to verify where it comes from and ensure that they have the necessary authorization to export the object out of the country. More


Stop Illicit Trafficking in South America

This short video clip aims to raise awareness on the current situation of cultural goods being smuggled in South America, and highlights the work carried out by UNESCO and its partners. More


Against trafficking of cultural property in the Maghreb

Short video on the illicit trafficking of cultural property in the region of the Maghreb.


Actions to Combating Trafficking in Cultural Property

This documentary presents the activities of UNESCO and its partners in the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property. It focuses on the different actors involved in this illicit activity, from local art dealers to international organized-crime networks, and highlights the importance of international cooperation in the protection of cultural heritage, and is aimed at raising awareness to the general public as well as authorities working in the cultural heritage sector.

This documentary was produced thanks to the financial support of the Federal Office of Culture of the Swiss Confederation. 

Available in French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese

Fighting illicit traffic of cultural property in South-East Europe

The UNESCO Venice Office produced this 15 minutes video with a view to raising awareness to a large audience on the fight against the illicit traffic of cultural goods in South-East Europe. The objectives of the video is to promote best practices, the value of cultural property and increase awareness on the importance of the public’s contribution to the management and protection of their cultural heritage.

Available in: Albanian | Bosnian | Bulgarian | Croatian | Macedonian | Montenegrin | Romanian | Serbian | Slovenian

Warning! Preventing the looting of cultural property in Africa

Warning! Preventing the looting of cultural property in Latin America (in Spanish)

The awareness-raising video clips (above) aim at informing local communities, tourists, professionals in the field of cultural heritage and art dealers on the negative impact of the illicit trafficking of cultural property, and highlight the importance of preserving cultural heritage in Africa and in Latin America. The clips are shown in public spaces, such as in airports, train stations, travel offices, embassies and World Heritage sites.

The clips were financed with the support of the Federal Office of Culture of the Swiss Confederation and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands.

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