Heritage is Identity, Don't Steal It!

The awareness-raising video clips are primarily targeted at tourists. The objective of the campaign is to warn tourists when they purchase cultural objects to verify where it comes from and ensure that they have the necessary authorization to export the object out of the country.

These clips are available to be disseminated by government authorities, on the internet, social media, travel hubs (airports, ports, train stations, etc.), hotels, tourist offices and cultural sites. Each clip below, is destined at a certain region of the world and is accompanied by the following text:

Dear tourist, make sure that the souvenir you take home hasn’t been looted from a museum or illegally excavated from an archeological site. Please check its provenance and verify that it can be exported out of the country! Keep in mind that a cultural object is not a simple merchandise: it embodies history and has a symbolic value for the local people. Help stop illicit trafficking!



East Asia

South-East Asia

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