Cultural Heritage Protection Handbooks in local languages


UNESCO encourages the publication of titles in the Movable Heritage Outreach Programme Handbook Series in other languages, in order to provide authoritative advice on the conservation of movable cultural heritage to museum professionals worldwide.

In order for the world’s museum collections to be conserved for future generations to learn from and enjoy, it is essential that museum staff receive appropriate training in the preservation, documentation and safeguarding of collections.

Titles from UNESCO’s Movable Heritage Outreach Programme Handbook Series, already available in several European languages, are also available in various non-European language versions, helping museum staff worldwide to ensure the appropriate care of their collections.

Users of the booklets are also encouraged to translate them into further languages, in order to make them available to as wide an audience as possible and to help realize UNESCO’s commitment to linguistic diversity.

The following titles are available in non-European language versions, with others under preparation:


Security at Museums
AmharicBengali | Swahili | Vietnamese | Mongolian | Macedonian | Indonesian | Uzbek | Khmer | Farsi

Care and Handling of Manuscripts
Amharic | Bengali | Swahili | Vietnamese | Mongolian | Indonesian | Uzbek | Khmer l Farsi 

Documentation of Artefact Collections
Bengali | Swahili | Vietnamese | Indonesian | Uzbek | Khmer | Mongolian

Disaster Risk Management for Museums
Uzbek | Khmer | Mongolian | Vietnamese

Handling of Collections in Storage

Uzbek | Mongolian | Vietnamese

Securing Heritage of Religious Interest

Italian | Turkish


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              UNESCO/ICOM Museum Studies Training Programme

             UNESCO/ICCROM Partnership for the Preventive Conservation of Museum Collections in Developing Countries




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