Workshop on Management, Exhibition and Storage for the UNESCO/Norway FIT Project in the Open Air Museum of Georgia

©UNESCO/Open Air Museum, Georgia National Museum

Following the successful workshop on Preventive Conservation of textiles which took place in May 2011, UNESCO organizes another workshop in the Georgian National Museum in close cooperation with Maihaugen Museum of Lillehammer, Norway, on issues concerning museum management, preventive conservation of wooden objects and training on security and storage management, in addition to the preparation for the permanent exhibition in the Giorgi Chitaia Open Air Museum’s traditional vernacular buildings.

This second workshop of Phase III of the abovementioned Norwegian funded project sees specialists from the Maihaugen Museum of Lillehammer continue their efforts in instructing staff from the Georgian National Museum and the Open Air Museum for the development and sustainability of institutional capacities of Georgia’s Museum Sector. As a consequence of these practical workshops at the Open Air Museum of Ethnography with staff from the Georgian National Museum, the revitalization of the Open Air Museum is also ensured; a vast and important collection of the diverse range of traditional Georgian vernacular buildings and craftwork. This workshop is under the framework of the UNESCO/Norway FIT Project “The Restoration and Conservation of the Giorgi Chitaia Open Air Museum of Ethnography (the Open Air Museum): Phase III”.

Contact: Nao Hayashi; Minji Song

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