Museum Disaster Preparedness and Risk Mitigation in the Event of Disaster or Conflict Course (15-30 December 2013)

Developed under the Swiss-funded project “Museum disaster preparedness and risk mitigation in the event of man-made disaster or conflict”, the course aimed to develop risk preparedness and security management strategies for Egypt’s museums as a tool for the efficient protection of cultural heritage, and prevention of looting or any other kind of risk during political instability, civil unrest and conflict.

With the participation of 21 curators from different museums in Egypt ranging in types of collection and size (e.g. Cairo Museum, Islamic Art Museum, Textile Museum and Luxor Museum), the intense theoretical and practical course focused on three interrelated components for which risk reduction measures and strategies were developed in cooperation with various national, non-governmental and international organisations (Egypt’s Ministry of State for Antiquities, Ministry of Culture, Egyptian Earth Construction Association, ICCROM, ICOM and Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation). The three components being:

  • Security requirements of the museum premises;
  • Risk preparedness and disaster mitigation, development of an emergency plan;
  • Collaborative response to cultural emergencies.

By encouraging problem-based learning and interactive teaching around a central case study of the Prince Mohamed Ali Museum and Complex, active participation was encouraged by the attendees. At the end of the course, participants were able to assess the general needs and security requirements of the Museum and also identify the possible threats in the event of a conflict situation. A full report outlining the risk management plan for the Prince Mohamed Ali Museum was delivered to the museum management and highly appreciated. Following the course, each participant will prepare (with the asset of the course team) small workshops in their respective museums with the aim to transfer the knowledge and skills acquired to their colleagues. With the support and guidance of the course team and their colleagues, participants will also prepare emergency and evacuation plans for their respective museums.

Contacts: Tamara Teneishvili, Nao Hayashi

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