Teamwork for Integrated Emergency Management (TIEM)

Storage Task Force Meeting in Caracas ©UNESCO

A large number of natural disasters occurring all over the world cause irreparable damage and loss to reserve collections in many countries.

In order to build capacity among national heritage institutions to undertake disaster risk assessment, emergency preparedness and response, ICCROM, ICOM and the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) have organized a pilot project, Teamwork for Integrated Emergency Management (TIEM) in Asia within the framework of the Museums Emergency Programme (MEP)

After conducting an evaluation of the project, which allowed critical examination of the training methodology and outcomes, UNESCO supported ICCROM and its partners for a second TIEM project in South-East Europe.


  • Enhance museums’ capacity in assessing and managing disaster risks to cultural heritage collections
  • Improve preparation and response strategies of museums to emergency situations
  • Create professional and technical alliances with local emergency systems/ resources

Activities: Consult ICCROM’s web page on TIEM in South-East Europe Outcomes:

  • Appropriate emergency and response strategies in 8-10 museums in South Eastern Europe
  • MEP component in Museum Studies programme of at least one university in the region

Reports and materials:

Other key areas of the partnership: 

For more information on the UNESCO-ICCROM Partnership for the Preventive Conservation of Museum Collections in Developing Countries (2007-2010), contact Nao Hayashi, UNESCO Section of Museums and Cultural Objects.

Start Date: 01-01-2007   End Date: 31-12-2010

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