Running a Museum: A Trainer's Manual

Designed to complement the UNESCO/ICOM Practical Handbook, the Trainer’s Manual shows how exercises and case studies can be used for hands-on museum management training.

Available like the Practical Handbook in multiple language versions, the Trainer’s Manual includes a wealth of ideas and activities for the facilitators of museum and heritage training programmes, as well as for trainers giving short courses and workshops on particular themes or internal staff training and development programmes.

The Manual contains advice to trainers on using the UNESCO/ICOM Museum Studies Training Programme, including ideas on how to exploit the Practical Handbook as a core text. Easily reproducible worksheets in the Trainer’s Manual can be used with a variety of course or programme participants, each worksheet referring to topics covered in the Practical Handbook and including collections management, inventories and documentation, visitor outreach and strategic and day-to-day management.

While designed primarily for those organizing or running group training programmes, the Manual can also be used as a self-study guide and in conjunction with the UNESCO/ICOM Training Needs Questionnaire.

The UNESCO/ICOM Trainer’s Manual exists in downloadable English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and Chinese language versions:


Running a Museum: A Trainer’s Manual
(EN | FR | AR | ES | RU | CH)


For more information: Nao Hayashi Denis (n.hayashi(at)


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