Virtual Museums for Intercultural Dialogue

"Museums for Intercultural Dialogue" © UNESCO

The role of museums as messengers of peace and mediators of intercultural understanding cannot be overemphasized. In the era of globalization where collections, people and ideas have gained greater mobility due to this phenomenon, museums hold fundamental roles in education and research. These roles raise the profiles of museums as forums of encounters and learning on the interconnection among different cultures and civilizations, as opposing to nationalistic or ethnocentric views of history and societies.

UNESCO launched an appeal to the international museum community to join its network by contributing to the enrichment of its online virtual museum for intercultural dialogue. On this virtual museums can be consulted invaluable objects and new narratives, for the enjoyment of the public and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of historical actors, since the early times to the present.

UNESCO Museums for Intercultural Dialogue EN | FR | AR

  • Inauguration of the pilot exhibition in Egypt and Syria (link)
  • Exhibition Catalogue UNESCO/Nubian Museum, Aswan "Common Heritage" (EN/FR/AR)
  • Education Activities Brochure, Nubian Museum "Common Heritage, A Museological and Educational Approach to the Dialogue of Cultures and Civilizations" (EN/FR/AR)
  • World Heritage site museums project (link)

Contact: Nao Hayashi

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