19th session of the Committee - 2014

1 - 2 October 2014, UNESCO Headquarters, Room XI, Paris, France

The 19th session of the Committee examined the follow-up to the recommendations adopted by its 22 Members at the 18th session (22 June 2012), continued discussions on the case of the Parthenon Marbles, and developed tools to facilitate the restitution of cultural property outside the framework of the UNESCO 1970 Convention, and to raise awareness among the general public.


  • Chairperson: Mr Samuel Sidibé (Mali)
  • Vice-Chairs: Cyprus, Guatemala, Iraq and Republic of Korea
  • Rapporteur: H.E. Mr Arūnas Gelūnas (Lithuania)

Final documents

  • Final Report: EN | FR
  • Recommendations & Decision (ICPRCP/14/19.COM/8): EN FR | ES | RU  

Working documents

  • Election of the Bureau (ICPRCP/14/19.COM/1): EN | FR | ES | ARRU
  • Provisional Agenda (ICPRCP/14/19.COM/2/REV2): EN | FR | ES | AR | RU
  • Report of the Secretariat (ICPRCP/14/19.COM/3): EN | FR | ESAR | RU
  • Report on the evaluation of the Internal Oversight Service (ICPRCP/14/19.COM/4): EN | FR | ESAR | RU
  • Presentation of the procedure to follow to submit a case to the Committee (ICPRCP/14/19.COM/5): EN | FR | ESAR | RU
  • Discussions on the Mediation and Conciliation Rules of Procedure and updating the list of mediators/conciliators (ICPRCP/14/19.COM/6): ENFR | ESAR | RU
  • Examination of the Fund of the Comittee (ICPRCP/14/19.COM/7): EN | FR | ES | AR | RU

Information documents

  • Provisional timetable (ICPRCP/14/19.COM/INF.1/REV2): ENFR | ES | AR | RU 
  • List of participants (ICPRCP/14/19.COM/INF.2): EN/FR

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Presentation of the procedure to follow to submit a case to the Committee: FR
  • Discussions on the Mediation and Conciliation Rules of Procedure and updating the list of mediators/conciliators: FR



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