10.08.2012 - Natural Sciences Sector

Identification and Enumeration of Harmful Microalgae

© Dr Donald Anderson. Harmful algal bloom

Phytoplankton blooms, micro-algal blooms, toxic algae, red tides, or harmful algae: about 300 hundred species of micro algae are reported at times to form mass occurrence, known as blooms. Nearly one fourth of these species are known to produce toxins. Such blooms can be harmful (HABs), causing massive fish kills, contaminating seafood with toxins and altering ecosystems.

Since 1993 the IOC has conducted training courses in identification/taxonomy and enumeration of harmful microalgae aimed at relatively experienced participants. This training is meant for scientists and agency people responsible for surveillance of harmful algal events and their effects.

The Course will improve skills and establish networks among professionals regionally and globally. Monitoring and research on harmful algal events is necessary to mitigate their effects on fisheries, aquaculture, public health and tourism.

A new brochure presenting the Global Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms project (GEOHAB) will be given to participants.

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