29.04.2011 -

Two Category 2 Centres link up for Kish International Water Law Training Project

Two UNESCO Water Centres linked up from 10-14 April to deliver an important Joint Seminar and Workshop on International Water Law: Introduction to general principles of the international law governing transboundary freshwaters, with a focus on local regional issues. The training was delivered on the Iranian island of Kish in the Persian Gulf.

This collaboration, between the UNESCO Centres 'Regional Centre for Urban Water Management' (RCUWM), Iran, and 'IHP-HELP Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science' Scotland, builds on the successful joint delivery in June 2010 of the International Law & Transboundary Freshwaters Symposium & Workshop held in Dundee, Scotland.

The two UNESCO Centres are proud to support the work of the Iranian Water Resources Company to accelerate the enhanced operational capacity of water resources management and delivery in Iran.

The primary objective of this International Water Law Workshop was to provide an overview of the law that governs the non-navigational uses of international watercourses, within the context of past and existing transboundary development and management issues between nation states. At the end of the Workshop, participants will have gained an insight into the basic principles of public international law, and be able to identify the legal issues and possible solutions for addressing international transboundary water problems. The workshop took a practical, case studies-based approach, and drew upon the resources of the IHP-HELP Centre's 'Water Law Water Leaders' summer programme, together with additional, region-specific content.

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